Who we are: 

  • Commercial property developers, creating innovative commercial space using our  proven modular design and construction solutions.

  • Developing new and innovative space with long term income potential from redundant airspace.

  • Fully funded, and managed solutions helping get the most out of your existing assets.

  • Joint Venture with our construction partner to complete the best site results 

  • Driven to change the way we create and use space across the UK 



Innovative Air Space Development Professionals

A Level Up was founded in 2020 to help create innovate commercial space to feed the UK's need for new commercial property in an ever-demanding race for space. 

Using innovative technology and pre-cast modular design we create usable commercial space above surface level car parks, developing in redundant air space.

The pre-cast and modular design allow for a fast build time and quick growth. We work with clients looking for new space to rent to expand their UK presence and also for businesses who are just needing to expand their existing operations to help internal growth.

Once this commercial space has been built it can either be used by the landowner for their own use or it can be rented out help create a new income stream from your existing asset.

Our professional property team works closely to find the suitable tenant for you to get the best results and fit your existing operations. 

Our network of existing clients allows us to quickly find and source tenants for the site to ensure they co-inside well with your existing operations and in many cases help improve your business.

We can provide fully funded solutions or just create another level for you to use. Whatever you need our modular design can be easily adapted to provide you with a tailor-made solution to suit your needs and hopefully Level up your existing operations.

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Focusing on Creation and Delivery

Building Plans


We like to invest into our own projects. We are looking for landowners who want to partner with use to create something unique and long term so our partner companies can relocate and create successful businesses at your locations


Through our specialist construction partners and consultants we deisgn and build the project start to finish. The method is very quick and simple using mostly precast elements which arrive on the back of a lorry our aim is to limit the disturbance on the site and create a long term income stream as quick as possible.


Using our extensive experience we have created a network of different businesses who are looking to expand across the UK and set up in new locations. Our structure gives them this opportunity for businesses to grow and also provides the landlord with the opportunity to create a stable and long term income stream from their existing assets.



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